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June 1, 2013 | Comments Off on Aquaculture Home

Aquaculture 101

Welcome to DIY Aquaculture. We’re dedicated to providing the best in Do It Yourself Aquaculture and Backyard  Aquaponics projects.

No matter if you just want fresh food, or your an out-of-control doomsday prepper, Aquaculture may be just the ticket to provide an abundant supply of fresh fish and even organic veggies.

From acreage in the country, to a corner of the living room, you’ll find the resources to grow happy and healthy fruits, vegetables, and even protein-rich fish at home.

Don’t expect this site to be chock full of egghead technical jargon. Do expect this site to share actual experiences of raising Tilapia in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

If you need to know all of the technical specifications for Aquaponics, read a book. If you want to know how to cheaply and easily get started in Aquaculture or Aquaponics from someone who has actually done it, read this website!

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